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Praise for the RISE Series:

This is thoughtful journalism about important issues… and great storytelling in the bargain.
John Biewen, Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University

The series is a fine example of passionate, informed storytelling that confronts a critical global issue head on. Beautifully produced!
Brian Howard, Editor or Digital Media, National Geographic

This is an excellent sound portrait. We get a sense of the threat we all are facing and its human cost. Fantastic, sound rich radio. Gripping stuff.
John Barth, Managing Director, PRX (Public Radio Exchange)

“Claire Schoen tells compelling, complex stories from a 360 degree perspective. Her prismatic approach gives a nuanced, human face to this issue. Claire is truly a gifted artisan of her craft.”
Ron Jones, Program Director, WDET-FM

“Totally engaging.  It helped me think about the complexities of climate change in a far more intimate way.”
Lynne Clendenin, VP Radio Programming, Oregon Public Broadcasting

“More great storytelling from Claire Schoen. It helped bring a human element to the science and effects of climate change.”
Arvid Hokanson, KUOW – Seattle

RISE is terrific work, walking that careful balance of providing objective facts while maintaining a deep human-interest hook. I loved ’em!
Dan Mushalko, General Manager, WCBE-FM