What Time Is It?

(1989) 30-minute documentary about the nuclear arms race. National and international distribution.

Claire Schoen: Producer/director, writer, sound recordist/editor
Fine Line Productions: Executive Producer

Program Summary: The clock, which graced the cover of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, became an infamous symbol of impending nuclear doom. Its hands, placed within minutes of midnight, expressed the world’s fear of the escalating arms race. Does our species run the risk of self-extinction? Will decisions made by individuals today determine the direction and extent of human evolution? How close are we to midnight? Nuclear physicist Dr. Ray Kidder, peace activists Diane Thomas and Daniel Ellsberg, Native American elder CheQuesh Ah Oh Ho, environmentalist David Brower and Physicians for Social Responsibility President Dr. Christine Cassel explore this question through storytelling, political analysis and prophecy.