Sand Castles

(2021) A 90 minute walking audio tour.
Experience the historic San Francisco waterfront with a tale of its creation – and the threat of its demise.

Claire Schoen: Producer/director, sound recordist/editor
VoiceMap: Audio Tour distributor

Sand Castles: The Remarkable Story of the San Francisco Embarcadero will take you on a journey along the San Francisco waterfront, and through time, to hear an amazing tale about the ground beneath your feet. While taking in magnificent Bay vistas on one side and the soaring towers of the Financial District on the other, visitors hear the story of how this area was created, how the forces of sea level rise and storm surge threaten the coastline, and what the Bay Area is doing to save it. With most of the world’s cities built along water, climate change is a challenge for us all.

Sand Castles is distributed by VoiceMap, an international audio tour company telling stories in over 60 cities worldwide. Downloading the VoiceMap app and then the Sand Castles audio tour onto your smart phone, the visitor is guided by audio directions as GPS activates each part of the story as you walk along.


  1. Download the VoiceMap mobile app
  2. Search for "Sand Castles"
  3. Take the tour or listen in "virtual" mode