RISE Radio Series

(2011-2013) Three, hour-long audio documentaries
For public radio
Six 20-minute podcasts
Six 5-minute webstories
A museum Exhibit

Claire Schoen: Producer/director
Erica Mu: Associate Producer
Vanessa Lowe: Associate Producer
Jonathan Mitchell: Original Music

Projected sea level rise, caused by climate change, threatens to flood coastlines around the world, including most major cities. Inundation of roads, airports, sewage treatment plants, hospitals and other infrastructure situated by the water will affect those of us living on higher land as well. How will this impact our lives? What are we doing to address this paradigm shift? RISE looks to the San Francisco Bay Area for answers.

The stories from the RISE radio series are also formatted as six 20-minute podcasts. You can download them to your smart phone, audio player or computer. Please enjoy these where ever you are; at the gym, in the kitchen, or commuting to work. If you are in San Francisco, take them with you on a ferry boat ride!

photo by Jan Stürmann

Link to RISE website