Is Our Fate In Our Genes?

(1998) An hour-long documentary about behavioral genetics. This show was part of a series of 9 programs, The DNA Files, produced for National Public Radio about genetic engineering.

Claire Schoen: Director, writer, sound recordist/editor
Executive Producer: SoundVision
Awards: Shared in numerous awards for the DNA Files series: Peabody, duPont-Columbia, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Institute of Biological Sciences and the Clarion Award.

Program Summary: What do attached ear lobes, blue eyes, and tongue-rolling have in common? They are traits determined by your genes. But many researchers also believe that genes influence alcoholism, homosexuality, and a predisposition for anxiety. In DNA and Behavior: Is Our Fate In Our Genes?, The DNA Files looks at DNA and its possible influence on our behavior.