Part III: An Open Gate

(2007) Jewish/Christian intermarriage in the United States.

Claire Schoen: Co-producer/director, sound recordist/editor
Helen Stolzfus: Co-Producer/director

A Traveling Jewish Theater: Executive Producer
Program Summary: What happens to the children when Jews and Christians marry? “An Open Gate” looks at this question with humor and sensitivity. Jews and Christians speak about growing up within their faith and how intermarriage has redefined their perspective. Interfaith couples grapple with the challenge of celebrating holidays as a family as they attempt to instill a sense of religion, community and holiday spirit. This program also digs deep into the historical underpinnings of these two religions, exploring Jewish fears of Christian anti-Semitism and Christian desires to share Jesus’ love with people they care about. As couples in this program struggle with these questions, they shed light on the broader issues we all face in preserving our own culture while becoming part of the global village.