Jewish Culture in the Light of the World

(Series) (2007) Three hour-long documentaries on Jewish culture.
Originally produced in 1992, this series is an updated re-release.
Distributed on the Public Radio Exchange. Originally distributed by PRI and on cassette.

Claire Schoen: Producer/director, sound recordist/editor
A Traveling Jewish Theater: Executive Producer

Series Summary: “Illuminations” explores aspects of Jewish life in relation to the broader society. These programs grapple with fundamental questions of how to preserve our cultural identity in the face of a changing American landscape, how to pass our identity on to the next generation, and how to respect our neighbors’ differences in this diverse society. “Illuminations” is a co-production between award-winning radio producer Claire Schoen and A Traveling Jewish Theater (ATJT). Excerpts from ATJT’s plays are used throughout the radio pieces, weaving threads of dramatic performance and original music into a documentary format.