Hard Work

(1990) 30-minute documentary about unemployment. Distributed on NPR’s Horizons

Claire Schoen: Producer/director, writer, sound recordist/editor
Fine Line Productions: Executive Producer

Program Summary: A big part of Robert Burkehart’s job is just getting his recruits to show up on time. As Director of the San Francisco Conservation Corps his mission is to train low-income youth from hard-core inner-city environments for jobs in the real world. The program is tough, but militaristic discipline is balanced by individual attention and lots of love. The strength of this radio program lies in its ability to tell the story, pro and con, through the eyes and ears of its participants. As Louis, a 4th grade drop-out, struggles to read an article in Newsweek magazine, and Anthony recites a Recycling Rap which he composed, and James hoots a cry of victory on his third attempt to lay a panel of sheetrock, listeners will gain an understanding of how the San Francisco Conservation Corps is becoming a model for America.