(1995) A series of 10 short radio features about the environment, highlighting rich soundscapes of the natural world.

Claire Schoen: Producer/director, writer, sound recordist/editor/mixer
Fine Line Productions: Executive Producer

Program Summary: Sound is a vital though invisible aspect of human existence. “EarthTones” gives its audience the opportunity to experience the natural world through sound. The rhythm of ocean waves, the awesome crack of thunder, a volcanic explosion are some of the sounds that will open listeners’ minds and senses to a realm that sustains and encompasses the human world.

Click on a link below to download/stream the program:

Program 1: Elephant Seals
Program 2: Frogs
Program 3: Bubbling Mudpots
Program 4: Wave Organ
Program 5: Wilderness Pollution
Program 6: Nature vs Noise
Program 7: Dawn Chorus
Program 8: Crickets.mp3
Program 9: Wolves
Program 10: Urban Pollution

photo by Carf