A Drive Through Time

(2015) A 45-minute driving audio tour.
This is the story of a magnificent park: The Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, California and its odd relationship with the dairy and beef ranches that are part of this park.

Steve Tokar: Co-Producer/director
Claire Schoen: Co-Producer/director
Narrated by: Peter Coyote.
Marin Agricultural Land Trust: Executive Producer
VoiceMap: Audio Tour distributor

“Cows in a park?” you might ask? Well, yes. They were here long before the park was formed and are a vital part of present-day Point Reyes. The farmers who can recall traditional rural life in West Marin are a treasure to this community. At the same time, the Point Reyes Peninsula is a unique landscape of biological diversity where over 45% of North America’s avian species and rare animals including elephant seals and tule elk are found.

A Drive Through Time is distributed by VoiceMap, an international audio tour company telling stories in over 60 cities worldwide. Downloading the VoiceMap app and then the A Drive Through Time audio tour onto your smart phone, the visitor is guided by audio directions as GPS activates each part of the story as you drive.


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